At Aceitunas Serpis we have a wide range of products, from the most traditional to the latest
innovations in olive fillings, pickles and preserves. Always with the highest quality and with almost 100 years
of dedication in the sector.


Serpis Museum is a cultural space that aims to bring Serpis history closer to the public. A place where the visitor will be able to discover the first steps of the most universal “tapa” of our gastronomy.
Do you know the
benefits of olives?

Experts recommend eating about 7 olives a day.

They are healthy food with a high nutritional value that has 

important benefits for health and for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.



Olives are nutritious thanks to their high mineral content. They contribute to the supply

of calcium to the body. They are antioxidants thanks to their B vitamins and their provitamins

A and E. They provide amino acids and essential vitamins. They contain oelic acid, which has

beneficial properties to protect the heart.

Los expertos recomiendan ingerir unas 7 aceitunas al día.

Son un alimento saludable con un elevado valor nutricional que cuenta 

con importantes beneficios para la salud y para mantener una alimentación 

sana y equilibrada.

Las aceitunas son nutritivas por su contenido rico en minerales. Contribuyen al aporte 

de calcio al organismo. Son antioxidantes gracias a sus vitaminas grupo B y sus provitaminas A y E.

Aportan aminoácidos y vitaminas esenciales. Contienen ácido oleico, que posee propiedades 

beneficiosas para proteger el corazón.

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Las aceitunas contribuyen a la hidratación del organismo sumando un número muy bajo de calorías. Además, contienen fibra y aminoácidos esenciales. Estos dos nutrientes favorecen

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