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Cándido Miró S.A.
commercially known
as Olives SERPIS

We are a leading Alicante family business in the olive sector, with an important presence

in both the domestic and international market

In 1926

Serpis became the first national brand to market olives stuffed with anchovy

Our facilities have 25,000 m2 for manufacturing and
storage, managed by a team of more than 100 professionals

The factory is equipped with the most advanced technology and the latest innovations in design and machinery


Our effort to ensure the quality of Serpis products
has been indispensable to maintain the prestige achieved

Therefore, thanks to the strict quality control to which it submits its products, since 2007 we are accredited with BRC and IFS food safety standards and in the MSC sustainable fishing custody chain

In the laboratory and pilot plant, the R&D team
produces new products adapted to the uses and customs
of each country


We actively help reduce pollution and combat climate change
We are committed to renewable energy

761 solar panels for power supply in our factory Geothermal installation for cooling in our product pasteurization process

We recycle and recover all auxiliary materials and by-products used


We support and collaborate with different social, cultural entities
and sports, to improve the development of their projects
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